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My name is WAGON, and I am an artist.

See and imagine
the taste of Sake

I am working on “Sake Art” to share my passion for the wonderful world of japanese Sake, by expressing the enormous diversity of its flavors in images and other forms of art.

Sake is one of the most common kinds of liquors in Japan and is made from rice and water. Japan also has a huge variety of regional Sake (“Ji-Zake” 地酒).

Japanese Sake tends to have only its product names and sometimes a brief character description printed on labels. However, the delicateness and gorgeousness inside the bottle is hard to describe in simple categories such as “dry,” “fruity,” or “sweet…” It is far more complicated.

Through my “Sake Art” I wish to make the exciting world of delicious Sake more easily accessible and show it not only to wine lovers, but everyone, even people who don’t like Sake, or who can’t drink alcohol at all.

Thank you so much for reading this!

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